2019 Year in Review

From buying and turning Titan into Evo just a few months prior to 2019, to hiring our first employees as we head into 2020, this year has been full of great memories, big growth, and many new friendships! In this edition of our Monthly Update, we are going to take a look back at some of the most memorable moments of 2019, reflect on where we started, and celebrate how far we have come.

Looking back at this image of our original grand opening announcement, it also brings back memories of our first anniversary celebrations. That sure was fun! I mean it was a lot, and I mean a lot, of work to put together and execute, but it was worth every minute of it!

Taking that week to give back to our community really meant a lot to us, and we wouldn’t take it back for the world! We would not be where we are today without our community, and it felt great to celebrate such a big occasion with you all!

With the launch of Evonodes, we also introduced our voting system. Overall we feel that the voting was a success, and we look forward to being able to bring something similar back after the launch of Project 2.0.

During our first month we had an astonishing amount of Titan users transfer over to Evonodes, giving us a great head start. Here are the first stats ever posted

As of September 28 2018 we had
163 Masternodes online
521 active users
375 Discord members

Since then, we have more than tripled our Active Invested Users & our Discord Members! But to go from just 163 Masternodes Online, to well over 1700 at our peak, is just incredible! If anyone told you the masternode market was dying during this bear market, we have the proof that says otherwise!

Which brings us to our next topic, the Bear Market. Titan was born right after the peak of The Great Bull Run of 2017, and Evo was born right in the middle of the biggest bear market seen to date in crypto. We watched dozens of masternode hosting services come and go, even some we thought would reign at the top forever. Yet Evo still stands!

We told you all way back when we started, that we see a future for masternodes, even if that future looks far different from where it did when we started. Well, here we are, still kicking, still grinding, still building. And 2020 will be no different!

On 10/10/2018 we made one of the best decisions we have made to date, we added one of our most active community members to the team. Since then, Tech has been an instrumental part of Evo’s success. Once Shaggy decided to leave Evo, it was a no-brainer to offer Tech a full partnership in the company. I want to take this moment to give a very big THANK YOU to Tech! Without you, Evonodes would not exist today!

On 11/16/2018, just more than 2 months after starting Evonodes, our beloved owner/developer & my business partner, Shaggy, decided that it was best for him to move on from Evonodes. This was a tough time for the team, especially for Tech, as he had to learn the entire back-end of Evo in a very short time. At the time he was doing everything from setting up new nodes, to processing withdraws, and fixing downed nodes. Back then things were not as automated as they are now, there was much more manual labor that was required to run the platform. He probably spent 10+ hours a day on Evo, 7 days a week. For moths on end. With no break. On top of his normal work.

Thankfully the daily administration of the platform has been cut down considerably since then. Shark and Tech spent a good amount of time and energy this year making the platform better and easier to maintain.

In December of 2018 we launched our first Proof-of-Stake Pools. We now host pools for 3 PoS only coins, and over 40 Masternode coins! In December we also introduced the new developer that would replace Shaggy. SharkWipf had been a long time member of DataPaw/Titan before Evo came along. Now he is hard at work building the future of crypto investment platforms!

On December 27 2018, we posted our first ever Medium article titled The Evolution of EvoNodes.com! If you missed it, here is a link and remember to give it a few claps!

During January of 2019 we asked our users to fill out a short survey to help us better understand what we do right and what we could do better. At the end of the month we posted the results in the following article,
It is really cool to go back a year and see what originally gave us the inspiration to build what is now known as Project 2.0. That’s right, we came up with the original idea for Project 2.0 waaaay back then!

Here we are going into 2020 and the dream is finally going to become a reality!

The first quarter of 2019 was filled with many new listings, partnerships, and a lot of general exposure for the platform. We partnered with KYD, ESBC, LNO, and Crypto Masters during Q1. Crypto Masters made us a great video that we still use for advertisements, check it out here -


We also gave Evo-Bot the ability to enter any discord server and do all the cool things he does in our server! He spread quickly across many of the servers for coins that we support, and can now be found in a dozen different servers!

In March we made a very big change. We moved our entire infrastructure from Vultr servers over to fully dedicated hardware hosted inside a data center. This increased our system resources available per VPS by +- 75%! Shark worked tirelessly to setup a full turnkey deployment of dedicated hardware for our VPS’s to run on. This enabled us to expand and grow at the exponential rate the platform was already moving at. Without these improvements, we would not have been able to get to where we are today. A huge THANK YOU to Shark for the hard work he put into this!

Around this time, we also became the very first Shared Masternode service to support multiple tiers of masternodes in the same pool. This is still something that is unique to Evonodes to this day.

By mid-year we were approaching 1000 active masternodes online and roughly 750 active invested users. Growth was showing no signs of slowing down!

On 6/12/19, TeamEvo held our first ever Ask Me Anything (AMA). We were pleasantly surprised by the turn out. We had over 2 dozen members join us over the 2 hour period, and we were able to showcase what our goals and plans were for the platform. In case you missed it, here it is (there are timestamps in the description) -

Towards the end of March we announced that our team was now officially KYD Verified! We were, (and maybe still are), one of the first Shared Masternode companies to do so. You can check out our team page here -

We kicked off Q4 with the big anniversary celebrations I mentioned at the top of the article. We gave out about $400 worth of crypto in airdrops and giveaways, we gave our users a full week of no hosting fees (that’s another few hundred dollars!), AND we listed 6 new coins to the platform for free (that’s another couple thousand)! Through these events we were able to boost our stats (active invested users, active masternodes, & discord members) by an average of 15%. It was much awesome and very wow!

Another major accomplishment was released on 08/22/19 when Evonodes became the first fully automated Shared Masternode platform to support Monero-based privacy coins! After more than 7 weeks of straight coding, SharkWipf unveiled the first ever Shared Masternode Pool for BELDEX COIN. The pool was a huge success, not only did it work flawlessly, but the pool quickly grew to over 110 masternodes at its peak, capturing over 95% of the total active masternodes on the BDX network!

Soon after that, we opened the first fully automated shared masternode pool for Loki Network as well. This pool has taken longer to get going but we are proud to say that we now have our first LOKI shared masternode!

Around this same time, our dear friend Shaggy announced to our team that he would be placing his website My Crypto Stats up for sale. We knew we had to jump on the opportunity to carry on this legacy, so we arranged an agreement to purchase MCS from him. Not long after that we announced Project 2.0 and our plans to combine our two sites into one ultimate crypto portfolio management platform. You can read more about that in this article -

In early October we announced that we would be taking applications for two new team members, specifically we were in need of a front end developer and a sales representative. What you may not know is that we also started looking for someone to take on the full time position of adding coins to My Crypto Stats as well, we are going to call the position Coin Contributor.

Well, today we are very proud to announce that we have hired a Sales Representative, as well as a Coin Contributor! Look for each of their official introductory announcements in Discord next week.

We are still looking for a front end developer, so if you know someone, send them our way!

The rest of Q4 was rather quiet as we spent most of our time working on Project 2.0 and celebrating the Holiday Season with our families and friends.

You may be wondering why we left out the latest news regarding KYC, and that is because we want to take some extra time to discuss this very important topic with you all, so we will be releasing another article in the coming days that will focus solely on KYC. We will dive into and break down the announcement in detail. We will explain why, as well as go over some of the conversations that were held after the KYC announcement.

2019 is a wrap! And 2020 is going to be filled with even more exciting and memorable achievements! Stay tuned, for the future is bright! From our families to yours, we hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season and a safe New Years!




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