EVO + MCS Monthly Update

Hello, and welcome back to another Monthly Update! The team has been hard at work, and we have some important changes coming up! But before we get into that we want to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season!

First we are going to start with the biggest news and that is the upcoming Evonodes delistings that will take place December 31. Here is the official announcement,

We regret to inform you that, due to one or more of the following reasons:

-No Exchange
-No Liquidity
-No Active Development
-Earnings per node (according to MNO) are less than $0.50 for at least 3 consecutive months

The following coins will be delisted from Evonodes on December 31:

KREDS (FYI -Withdraws are taking 24+ hours)

Please withdraw all of your coins from these pools before December 31, 2019!

Next up, we have implemented some improvements to how Tiered Masternodes are displayed on the Evonodes site.

You can see using this example image from the ESBC pool, that we now display exactly which tiers are active in the pool.

We’ve got this bit live already but we’re working on a much better display! This will improve clarity on the amount of nodes that are active in a pool.

As you can see in the example image, the ESBC pool currently says it has 10 nodes online but it also shows that there are “x” number of coins needed for node 2, which is confusing. The reason for this is because we only have 1 platinum node, and the fee is set to Platinum. Thus, the rest of the tiers aren’t counted. After the next update, all of that will not only be fixed, but it will have an overall superior display, making it easier for investors to get an overview of the pool.

Keep up the good work SharkWipf!

There are some great benefits in having a pool with multiple tiers in it. For one, since we have set the fee to the Platinum Tier, and there is only 1 platinum node, and 1 gold, 5 silver, and 3 bronze nodes in the pool, all nodes accept the platinum are being charged a lower percentage fee than they would be if they were in a pool with only that same lower tier.

Then there is also the constant ROI change for each tier, depending on how many nodes of each tier are active at any given time. Having a pool that has a nice balance of all tiers is far more beneficial to the investor, as rewards will be far more balanced over longer periods of time.

We’ve also made changes to our Evonodes mail system, so that all our mails now pass all (current) spam checks with flying colors. If our mails still end up in your spam folder, please mark them as “not spam” by hand to tell your mail provider they’re legitimate emails.

We have officially gone over 1400 active invested users on the Evonodes platform! Even with the upcoming delistings we will still have well over 1500 active masternodes going into the new year.

It is old news now, and we are sure everyone already knows that Crypto-Bridge is shutting down, and with that a lot of coins may end up with inaccurate/no price updates on the MCS site. Please report any such coins you come across and we’ll do our best to fix them.

In other, also old, “Closing Down” News, one of our largest competitors, Snode, has closed its doors on November 30th. Snode pulled off some amazing feats and ran an amazing platform, we wish their team nothing but the best in all that they do!

For all of those coins & communities affected by these closings, we are offering a huge discount on all of our available listing options. Please help us spread the word by retweeting this tweet https://twitter.com/EvoNodesDotCom/status/1202663317866733569

We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season one more time before we head out, and we will see you all in the new year for our next Monthly Update!

Warm wishes!



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