EvoNodes Weekly 10/3/19

4 min readOct 3, 2019

Good afternoon Evonians! Welcome back to another EvoWeekly!

LPC/LGS swap is complete! We have begun setting up the Xchainz masternodes, we set up 50 nodes on Tuesday, another 50 yesterday, and we have another 77 left to do before hitting the maximum of 177.

With that said, we have opened the new Xchainz pool to the public. Keep in mind that the pool is at max node count, so any coins over the 177k required for the masternodes will be set to staking only. Additionally, until the coin is on an exchange, we have set a manual fee percentage of 7% on the XCZ pool.

We have not yet received the old LPC/LGS coins so we can not open withdraws for them until we get them back, which according to the dev team, will be on October 31, 2019.

Our Quantis Network (Official) Pool has completely filled up already! We have hit the max of 177 QUAN nodes in record time! We have never had a pool fill up that fast, ever! Thanks for the support.

The Proof-of-Stake wallet migration is underway! Over the next week we will be moving all of our PoS wallets to our new machine, please be patient as we complete this migration. Thanks in advance.

The Bettex (BTXC) pool is officially closed. The final day for the swap was the 1st of this month. The original chain is no longer supported by the developers, and all exchanges have ceased trading. We wish the BTXC team the best of luck in all of their future endeavors!

The official delisting date for Reden has been set to Thursday, 10/17/2019. Please withdraw all Reden before this date!

GreenPayCoin remains in maintenance as we await word from the developer of the explorer.

PAC Global has been placed into Maintenance Mode. After updating to the latest wallet version there have been some connection issues. The devs have put out a new update including a fix for the syncing issues. We will update to this version and reopen the pool in the coming days.

As you can tell our plates are very full at the moment. We have had many wallet updates, a couple delistings, a few new listings (and a few still pending), as well as the LGS/LPC swap, and hundreds of nodes going up. This all while the team has been trying our best to get all of our to-do lists cleared as best as possible so that we can begin focusing on Evonodes 2.0 full time.

With the swap complete, and the new pool open, and new PoS almost finished, this takes a lot of weight off of our shoulders! With only a few things left to clear up, and a few new listings to complete, things are looking great!

Let’s take a peek at the stats for the week…

Active Invested Users: 1309 (+3)
Discord Members: 1294 (+6)
Live Masternodes: 1642 (+39) (+110 masternodes still pending set up!)

As you can see from the stats, our masternode count has grown heavily while our active user base growth and discord member growth have tapered off a bit after our 1 year anniversary celebrations were over.

This trend is expected to continue over the next few months, and we expect to see the masternode growth taper off as well as our team’s focus will continue to shift more and more towards Evonodes 2.0.

Most forms of advertisement will slow, as well as new listings, ect. We may even consider making this weekly publication a bi-weekly or even a monthly publication, since most of what we will be working on over the next 6+ months will be kept under wraps, until the time comes to make official announcements.

We will, of course, continue to keep Evonodes 1.0 running smoothly until Evo 2.0 is ready. The teams responsibilities are as follows…

Tech- Wallet Updates, overall back-end maintenance, user support
Smokey- Processing withdraws, setting up new nodes, user support
Shark- Assist Tech with back-end maintenance when needed, user support

Thank you all for your continued support as our team continues to transition into this new work mode! Stay safe and Hodl hard,