EvoNodes Weekly 2–21–19

Hello my fellow EVOlutionaries, and welcome back to another EvoNodes Weekly Update!

This past week has been full of networking, and getting Evo’s name out there in front of as many coin devs as possible. I personally reached out to over 40 projects, providing some history and statistical data about our platform, encouraging them to do some due diligence and consider listing with us.

More than a few projects got back to me and expressed interest, and one even listed right away!

Which brings me to our new Hybrid MN/PoS pool for a new project called X-Nella. This is an Instant Share Pool, meaning the devs not only paid the listing fee, but they also provided a masternode so that the community can instantly begin getting rewards from the pool without waiting for the first MN to fill up!

“ X-Nella is a solution that integrates all existing data protection technologies in one decentralized network. X-Nella provides reliable and effective real-time protection of users’ information. As payment for services, as well as to facilitate transactions, the X-Nella platform uses its own X-Nella cryptocurrency. Using X-Nella coins, users can pay for subscriptions to platform services, receive reward for PoS mining and masternode support, as well as help in the development of the ecosystem, providing other members of the network with up-to-date information on cyberthreats online to ensure maximum protection for all devices.”

As with every paid listing, and every other coin we have listed or will list in the future, for that matter, ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing in any project/coin! We are not investment advisers, professionals, or analysts.

Here are this weeks stats:
690 Masternodes Online
673 Users With Funds Invested
761 Discord Members

Tech is busy setting up more Masternodes as I type this, so come sundown, we should be over 700! Even though some do not even acknowledge our existence, our stats prove that Evo is one of the Top 5 Shared Shared Masternode providers in the world by number of active masternodes!

Some of you may have also noticed that the website got a little upgrade this week. Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is now better represented throughout the site. All pools now have a PoS and MN flag (masternodes only, Masternodes & PoS, PoS only). Even the pool page of the coins themselves! If a coin is PoS only, the site now represents how much we need for the next optimal staking input, rather than how much is needed for next Masternode. Small, but much needed changes. We have a lot more work to do on the website, for example it’s not exactly mobile friendly. It works, but it’s not optimized yet. This will be something we want to overhaul completely in the future.

On another note, we tracked down the issues with user-to-user withdrawals bug, there should not be any issues moving forward. But if you do make a user-to-user withdrawal, please let one of the Core Team Members know so that we can look out for any inconsistencies! TIA!

Shark has created a GitLab for Evo. This is very exciting, but unfortunately we can not make the discord channel public yet as it would cause a bunch of spoilers and leak a bunch of information on what we have up our sleeves. When the time is right, we will open it up to the public so that you all can track our progress. Why would you want to do that? Well… I can’t tell you that just yet lol

Now it is time to see how many of you read all the way to the end ;) And reward you!

With all of the recent success and paid listings, we have decided to test one of the advertising options we have been eyeballing for a while now. It is nothing major but we are hopeful!

Some of you may recognize what site that screenshot was taken from. The first person to find, and post the correct link, for the specific page that the above screenshot was taken from, in our #General channel in our Discord server, will win $10 of their favorite coin listed on EvoNodes!

Good Luck! And I will see you right here next week!

Smokey SRH




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