EvoNodes Weekly 3–14–19

Guess what! It’s Thursday! And you know what that means…

EvoWeekly Time!

Alright well then, now that I got you all amp’d up, it’s been a pretty slow week at the EvoNondes HQ xD

However, there was that one issue with Snowgem (XSG) where the reporting went askew for a few hours, which made our system think that the earnings from an XSG node were lower than they actually were, and therefore causing the system to spike the fee on the pool to 15%.

Luckily the community spotted the issue and alerted us to it so that we could manually set the fee of the pool to the proper amount before any payouts were made and any extra fees taken.

It is going to be a slow month for TeamEvo, as Tech & Shark both have pressing tasks to finish up outside of crypto. But do not worry, everything has not come to a complete halt lol, there has been some work done in the background!

Tech and Shark continue to update and tweak the masternode deploy scripts, in order to further the efficiency of the work involved running the service. There have also been a lot of small QoL (quality of life) changes made with the same goal of making everything more efficient. Which, will be very needed if we want to continue to grow at the current pace, with just a 3 man team.

Shark also made some tweaks to how withdraws are processed, making this process a bit smoother overall, for both the user and on the admin side. We also talked about adding in an email notification feature. So that if a user enters an invalid address when requesting a withdraw, an email will be sent to that user alerting them of the mistake. (fyi, the system already alerts us, but we want it to alert the users as well). Keep an eye out for that feature announcement soon!

In more exciting news, we have engaged in a new partnership with the Crypto Masters Club!

Crypto Masters offers variety of valuable digital marketing services. We make your crypto marketing strategy consolidated, specific, effective, responsive and expeditious.
We reach millions of crypto enthusiast, on the right platforms. We give you straightforward offers with obvious results, raising interest and awareness in a project. With years and years of experience in crypto marketing field Crypto Masters team is professional, committed and friendly with the right connections to make your goal a reality.”

We are growing at such a rapid pace & this will help to increase that pace! This partnership will also enable us to offer discounted marketing options to coins that list on our platform. Crypto Masters will also offer a discounted Listing Fee for EvoNodes!

A Couple Reminders:

Mobio (MBO) will be delisted in 3 days on the 17th of March. Make sure to withdraw all of your MBO!

Orwell (ORL) was delisted on the 1st of the month and there are still 700k+ coins in the pool! If some of them are yours, you are running out of time to withdraw!

Our X-Nella Promo is at it’s half way mark! If you want to take advantage of 0% fees for NELLA, now is the time!

Over the next week or so some of the channels in our Discord server will be under construction. If you notice any changes please take the time to check them out!

The team would also like to ask a favor of the community, well for those who read this anyway. We are hoping to get you all to start adding more reactions to our posts in the Announcements channel in Discord. This would help us greatly to know that the important updates we post there are reaching some of you! Thanks in Advance!

We are also looking for more Moderators for Discord. If anyone is interested and wants to volunteer to be a Mod in our server please DM me, Smokey SRH!

I think that is going to wrap it up for this week! Until next time, stay safe out there, and happy compounding!

Smokey SRH

If you missed last weeks EvoWeekly check it out here — https://medium.com/@smokeysrh/evonodes-weekly-3-7-19-49d0c96a774f




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The worlds best masternode hosting platform

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