EvoNodes Weekly 4/11/19

Gather ‘round everybody, gather ‘round. It’s time for another EvoNodes Weekly Update!

I would like to start this week off by thanking our Moderators for helping us out in the Discord server while we have been busy migrating all 750+ masternodes to the new dedicated hardware.

A very big and very special Thank You to Slayer, he has stepped up big when we needed him most! You rock man!

Speaking of the migration, we are just about finished up. We have about 90% of the nodes moved and the other 10% are syncing and will be fully moved by the end of the day. Quite a few things have been delayed because of this, and we do apologize for that. We plan to work through our backlog of outstanding tasks before the end of the week. One of these tasks is KYD. We will have all KYD balances corrected by the end of the week, and we will open up the pool again right after those balances are corrected. We will also be performing any outstanding wallet upgrades. Once completed, will give a full report on which wallets have been updated and to which version.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout this entire process! It was one hell of a task but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Shark has made further optimizations to how we approach the deployment of new servers. Making deploying and managing new servers much faster and more efficient. Optimizations to the servers & VPS’s themselves, as well as additional improvements to our internal Admin Panel, to keep better track of the new resources on said servers & VPS’s.

Over the coming weeks, we will be reopening the voting system again. We will use the list of suggested coins to fill out the voting list, so if you have a coin that you would like to see in the voting, make sure to get it added to the Suggestions Channel in our Discord server asap. Make sure to follow the provided template that can be found in the pinned messages of the suggestions channel, otherwise your suggestion will be overlooked.

Also, please note, we will be doing thorough research on each suggestion. Not all suggested coins will make it to the list. Research will mainly be focused on ensuring there is a hard working team behind the project.

Speaking of scam coins. As you all know we do not delist a coin unless development of the project has been abandoned. Well, over the past month, we have noticed that the X-NELLA ( NELLA ) coin’s discord has been abandoned by the developer. We have decided to delist X-Nella (NELLA). Our currently running wallets are basically the only wallets keeping the chain alive.

Here is the official announcement from Tech,
Sorry to tag you twice today but is also important. We have noticed that the X-NELLA ( NELLA ) coin’s discord has been abandoned by the developer, and the chain is basically come to an absolute halt.
So we have made the decision to delist NELLA as of today. We have to make haste with this, because our currently running wallets are basically keeping the chain somewhat alive.
Please withdraw your NELLA as soon as humanly possible, the more nodes that are being removed, the less chances there are that you will get your coins. Unfortunately with NELLA we cannot guarantee your coins even reaching your wallet, or leaving our wallet for that matter. We are trying to keep the chain alive as long as possible for our members, but the less coins there are, the less blocks will be found. So please withdraw your nella as soon as you read this, otherwise your coins will be lost forever.”

So, do as the man asks and Please withdraw your X-Nella coins as soon as you read this!

And, speaking of delistings, we have made a new channel in the discord server called Coin-Archive. This will be the place that we will announce any future delistings. So please make sure to check in on this channel when you see there is an unread message there! This will further separate the types of ANNs we make, and allow you to further customize which ANNs you would like to be alerted to via the “@everyone” tag.

That said we would like to encourage everyone to check in on their investments more often. And we say this because we ourselves have fallen a bit out of sync with our personal crypto investments. We have just been so busy with Evo lately, and I am sure everyone else out there has things that keep them otherwise occupied. This space is changing so rapidly, everyone, including us, should be very aware of what is going on with the specific coins they are holding.

Until next week my fellow HODL’ers stay safe out there,
Smokey SRH
co-CEO EvoNodes.com