EvoNodes Weekly 4/18/19

This week, at the EvoNodes Headquarters…

Great News everyone! Two exciting projects have been added to the platform! Both of which are Instant Share Pools right from the start.

First up we have the SkyHub project. A very special thank you goes out to our partners over at Crypto Masters for negotiating this listing for us!

“ SkyHub is the world’s best blockchain-powered marketplace of services for online booking industry. SkyHub project’s unique business model will bridge the gap between online travel agency and a traditional travel agency by creating a trusted platform with a bustling ecosystem of active and satisfied users and by providing a convenient online booking capability, as well as a 24/7 support in multiple countries and in multiple languages. SkyHub platform will act as an intermediary and escrow agent by leveraging company owned and operated contact centers located worldwide, we are able to deliver one of the highest levels of customer service and support in the online booking industry. Travelers around the world can find and book their perfect trip on our website, mobile and tablet apps. SkyHub’s secure payment system takes the stress out of traveler by providing easy, instantaneous, secure, payment option.”

Next up we have Social Media Coin. Social Media Coin is a new project. The team behind SMM is the same team that is behind PayCore. It is nice to see a successful team branch out.

“ SMMcoin purpose is a creation of social media marketing promotion platform. The main purpose of the project is blurring the line between startups and the general public.. Blockchain is our future and we want to make the Crypto World closer for every person.”

“ Working to promote our clients’ businesses on the Internet, we apply innovative solutions and technologies that are used by leading experts. Thus, we bring your online projects to a high level.”

Now I would like to talk about something that I have mentioned in previous Weekly’s, and that is our fee structure and the changes that are on the way.

As you may know, our current fee structure has a sliding scale of 7–15% depending on how much a masternode brings in on a monthly basis. If it is a low earning node like Reden the fee is 15%, if it as a good earning coin like ACED the fee is 7%.

Later this week, the exact day has yet to be determined, we will begin charging a flat rate of $2 per full masternode per month. That is just $0.06 per day per full node! Fees will continue to be taken out of masternode rewards.

As an example, if you have exactly half of an XUEZ masternode, you will be charged $1 per month, which is taken from your masternodes rewards. If you have 1/4 of a LNO node, you will be charged $.50 each month. If you have 3 full LUX masternodes (lucky you!) you will be charged $6 per month.

There is no more discrimination at EvoNodes! All coins will be charged the same flat $2 per month per full node. We hope that this change makes it a little easier to compare us against other services to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. We will talk more about this next week after it is live.

In other news…

The little bug in our code, that was effecting KYD, has been squashed! KYD deposits & withdraws are open once again. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we found that little bugger and hit it with some bug spray!

After completing the migration of all 750+ masternodes on the platform to the new dedicated hardware, we are excited to share that over the past week we have had a 99% up time across all masternodes!

We are getting closer to having the voting system back open! We have gone through the list of coin suggestions and we believe we have gathered a solid list to put up on the next round. Look out for that announcement coming up soon!

Now for some Stats!
Discord Members: 918
Users with Funds Invested: 804
Masternodes Live: 789

Until next week my friends, stay safe out there and HODL Hard!

Smokey SRH
co-CEO EvoNodes.com

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