EvoNodes Weekly 6/27/19

Trust is a major pillar in the Shared Masternode business. For new investors, trust can be a very large wall to overcome, but our team continues to tear down that wall, making it smaller and smaller. As time goes on that wall becomes easier and easier to climb over.

We are proud to announce that today that we have broken another large chunk off of that wall, and the wall just became much smaller and much easier to climb over.

Following up on our official face reveals, TeamEvo is now officially KYD Verified! You can see our official page here — https://review.kydcoin.io/evonodes/

As you all probably know, we have proudly displayed the KYD Verified logo next to each coin we have listed that has gone through the verification process. Now our team will be one of the first and only Shared Masternode services to proudly display that same KYD Verified logo next to our own names! This is a big step for our company, as well as our community, and we are so very happy to share this moment with you all!

Since we have added a link to our Medium page on the website a lot of new readers have come along. If you are coming here from our website and you have never been into our Discord server before, you may have never known these Weekly Updates existed until now. If that is you, first of all welcome, and second, you should know that these articles are posted every Thursday. We do our best to recap all of the events of the past week, and get a glimpse into the future of EvoNodes. We encourage you all to check in weekly to stay up to date with the latest news and events, as they pertain to your investments.

Our latest round of voting has just ended today, and we have tallied the votes. There were a considerable amount of fake votes this round, but rest assured they were very easy to spot and we have removed all fake votes. We also performed a back check on all previous votes to make sure this had never happened before and gone unnoticed. We were able to confirm that this was the first and only time that this kind of cheating has happened. Additionally Shark has gone through and changed the code around the voting so that this type of cheating can not take place in any future votes.

Now that we got that out of the way let’s get on to congratulating the winner!

So without further ado…

Congrats to the Rapids community, they have won their favorite coin a free listing to the greatest Shared Masternode service in the world!

The Rapids project will now have a free lifetime listing, with free lifetime support, free wallet upgrades for life, a lifetime guarantee to never delist unless the project is abandoned, AND the option to have our Discord Staking/Masternode Bot installed into their Discord server for free, allowing their investors to start staking right from their official server!

Our Rapids Hybrid Shared Masternode & Staking Pool will soon be open for deposits. Rapids investors will enjoy 0 fees all the way up until there are 2 full masternodes in the pool, and our low $2 per node per month hosting fee after that. This equates to a very low percentage of the Rapids masternode rewards, making Evo the cheapest platform to host your Rapids Masternode! The Rapids community can rest assured that their coins will be safe with our high level security features, and a transparent KYD Verified team.

Fun Fact: EvoNodes offers Shared Masternode support for 4 of the top 10 masternode coins by marketcap! With the addition of Rapids, we now support 5 of the top 20 masternode coins by marketcap! Zcoin being one of those coins, I should mention that we have just set up masternode number 4 for XZC! Congrats to the members of that pool!

In other news, in order to provide better customer support, in a more organized fashion, we have added a new Support Ticket Bot to our Official EvoNodes Discord server. Users can submit a ticket via a bot command in our new “Support-Ticket-Entry” channel, after which the bot will create a private channel for the ticket that only the user and our Core Team members can see. Once the ticket is closed the bot deletes the private ticket channel. Soon we will delete the Help-Desk channel and rely solely on the ticket system.

Support for the Top Masternode Coins
KYD Verified Team
Support Ticket System
Free Listings for Your Favorite Coins

These are just a few of the ways we continue to add value to our platform, for investors and developers alike.

There are no updates to give regarding LiveNodes (LNO), but we were able to work with the ProxyNode (PRX) devs to get our nodes to show as online again. We also have an update on STAK, we have almost all of the 135 nodes back online, with the last group coming online over the few days.

The work on integrating Monero based privacy coins is still underway. Here is a quote from our Lead Developer, SharkWipf -

“It’s a lot of work to integrate, since it is fundamentally different from Bitcoin-core based coins, we basically have to write new ways to do every single action from our system, all the while figuring out how to do things in XMR-based wallets in the first place, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it”

Before we wrap things up for this week let’s take a look at the stats shall we?

We had a real nice bump in discord members this week, we average about 20 new members per week and this week we doubled that! The amount of active masternodes did not change much, we average about 20–30 new nodes a week, this week we gained 2. There were, a lot of coins coming in and out of the platform this week. The activity is certainly gaining momentum! We average about 15 new investors a week and this week was no different.

Discord Members: 1072
Active Invested Users: 983
Active Masternodes: 1285

As always thank you for joining us, stay safe out there in cryptoland, and hodl hard!


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