EvoNodes Weekly 7/11/19

Hello and welcome back to EvoNodes Weekly!

Another round of voting has ended and we have an official winner, GRAFT Blockchain!

With steady daily voting the $GRFT community had a landslide victory, gathering enough votes to maintain the #1 spot for the entire 2 week period.

“GRAFT is an open-platform, permission-less blockchain network. A universal (crypto, loyalty, store credit, fiat), truly decentralized payment network, offering security and privacy to the buyer, great features and fees to the seller, and earning opportunities for all.”

Stay tuned for our official Graft masternode pool grand opening, coming soon!

We have an update from the Crypto Masters team about the newest wallet update for LiveNodes-LNO.

ANN from LNO Official Discord -
“As all of you know we have been working on our code since many days, LNO is the first project to implement the latest PIVX 3.3 version on a tier network. That required a good amount of work and sleepless nights. The proof is visible on our github commits.

Now, we can proudly say that the main works on the code and on wallets are finished, we offer everyone to join us in testing the release of new wallet, set up your masternodes and check the work of wallet. For set up instructions check #:briefcase:instructions-for-update

If you find bugs in the wallet, please inform us in the #:briefcase:wallet-issues channel or inform us in the Github in Issues section.

We need at least 1–2 days that our big community manage to set up their masternodes and we can test the new wallets all together, to make sure there are no issues. After that we will open deposits and withdrawals on all platforms.


Since this was a very intense change to the wallet, EVO will not update our wallets until we are absolutely sure it is safe to do so. This is currently a “testing phase” for LNO, and we do not want to test a new wallet with tons of other peoples (your) coins, deposits and withdraws for LNO will remain closed until we get the OK from the LNO/CM team.

It is in our best interest to wait and to be sure they do not find any bugs that could risk our users coins. Safety first!

However, the LNO team does need testers! So please help by downloading the new wallet linked above and remember only use small amounts of coins to test with!

Shark is still stuck at his desk with his head buried in code. He has been working very hard on getting Beldex finished up. We expect to hear some good news on that front soon.

Alright let’s take a time out and look at the stats for the week.

Active Invested Users: 1016
Discord Members: 1134
Active Masternodes: 1328

We have officially gone over 1000 active users! This is a huge milestone for our team, and we want to thank each and every one of you for helping us get here! To show our gratitude, we are celebrating this achievement in a rather “non-typical” sort of fashion. We are working with a highly regarded security expert that is, and will be, reporting any bugs or security glitches that he finds in our platform.

I bet you thought you all were getting something like a week of zero hosting fees or something huh? Nope. Instead we are using that money to beef up our security, and show the whole world just how serious we are about protecting our users funds!

We are growing at such a great pace, and with all the hacks that have taken place in crypto over the last year, we want to be absolutely sure that we are locking your funds behind the thickest vault possible.

We are very happy to announce that only 3 bugs have been found so far, and while these “bugs” are important to fix, in order to prevent anything like phishing attacks for example, none of the bugs have been related to any funds or users coins. We are also happy to say that our developer SharkWipf has already began implementing fixes for these bugs, and we will of course keep you all updated with any further findings.

And with that, we will bid you all farewell! As always, stay safe out there in cryptoland and hodl hard!


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